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Pool Rules Summary

Rules of Eight Ball Pool
Fifteen balls are racked in a triangle and the eight is in the center. Fifteen balls are divided into two groups: balls lower than eight (SOLIDS) or all those higher than eight (STRIPES). Players will choose the corresponding group to shoot when the first ball is pocketed. Players should pocket all the balls in the selected group, then pocket the eight, to win the game. On every shot if a player pockets the eight, he loses the game.

1.You pocket the cue ball or your opponent's balls.
2.When you shoot, the cue ball fails to hit any ball in your group first.
3.When you shoot, you neither pocket a ball nor make any ball hit a cushion.

Note: At least four balls must hit cushions on the first stroke otherwise balls will be re-racked and game will restart.

Rules of Nine Ball
Nine lowest numbered balls are racked in a diamond shape, the one is at the apex and the nine is in the center. Any ball that drops on the break is legal if the one is hit first.On every shot the player must hit the lowest-numbered ball first, failure to do so is a foul. Players who pocket the cue ball, commit a foul. The player who pockets the nine ball legally wins the game.

Note: The balls may be pocketed in any order, and in particular the 9-ball may be pocketed at any time. The rule is only that the lowest-numbered ball must be the first one hit, so if you can knock the 1-ball into the 9-ball in such a way that the 9-ball goes into a pocket, you can win a frame very quickly.

Rules of Straight Pool
Fifteen balls are racked in a triangle and all the object balls are placed randomly. On every shot, you must pocket a ball, otherwise you commit a foul. If the cue ball goes in, it is a foul. If you miss or the cue ball goes in, you lose your turn. The player who pockets the most balls wins the game.

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