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How to start a new game?
1. Run arcadeTribe and login to the lobby.
2. Click a game room on the left game tree, a menu will pop up,
then click 'enter game room'.
3. Click beside a table to sit down , then click the 'play now' button,
now you are ready to play.
4. If another player sits down beside the same table and clicks the 'play now'
button, the game will start at once.

Can I play the game by myself?
Yes, most games support practice mode. Just enter the practice room in the
game tree, then click beside a table, the game will start in practice mode.
Please note you can't get rates in practice mode.

How to play the 3D Live Pool Game?
Adjust Aim - Move mouse left or right.
Raise View - Move mouse forward or backward.
Zoom in/out - Press right button and move mouse forward and backward.
Shoot - Press 'Ctrl' key and move mouse backward and forward to strike the cue ball with the cue stick.
Adjust Ball Points - Press left button and move mouse.
Adjust Cue Angle - Press 'Shift' key and move mouse forward and backward.

When you are playing the game, the mouse cursor is hidden, you can press SPACE key to show the cursor. If you want to control the cue stick again, just click the game window.
If you want to look at a ball closely, hit SPACE key to show the mouse cursor, then move the cursor onto the ball.

3D Live Pool (size: 4.68MB)  

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