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Read why pool fans love 3D Live Pool Game

It is the best game on the computor i have ever played on its very realistic fun everything a gamer would want in a pool game i will give it 9/10 " - Jono W.
"This is the best I've seen. The 3D pool game feels like you are actually there in that room in person. Can even look under the table where the balls are placed." - Lorne D.
"This is the most awesome pool game ever, its just like your at the poolhall." - Eric G.
"Very realistic and game me hours of gaming fun. Truly enjoyed the way the balls skim across the felt and you are able to position cue to propel the cue. The lighting of the room and 3d effects of the room positions heighten the effects of being in a pool hall. Thoroughly enjoyable experience." - William A.
"There is no better pool game then the 3D live pool. And believe me i know because I'm a big fan of Pool games. I've been looking for a good one for a very long time, and now, finaly I found it: The 3D LIVE POOL. I mean it's so easy and comfortable to paly. U can Watch and play the game from any possible angle. I was speechless the first time a played it. Really, i reocmmend it to all my friends to download the free version to see whit their own eyes how fantastic this game really is." - Alex Safay

3D Live Pool (size: 4.68MB)  

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