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Pool Player's Edge First Edition (book)

Great pool players know that competing successfully in tournament competition requires more than technical shot making skills. You also need to be able to execute them under pressure, read the table, anticipate your opponents' shots, and maintain your focus throughout the match. This advanced insight into the game is what Pool Player's Edge is all about.

First, you'll learn the high-level skills and top-shelf shots:

  • Stop, stun, and drag shots
  • Frozen ball shots
  • Banks and kicks
  • Combinations and caroms
  • Jump shots and curve balls
Second, you'll learn how to incorporate these skills and shots into your overall table strategy (mapping the table), which gives you a superior plan of attack in every game you play. Consistently setting yourself up for the next shot by thinking ahead several shots becomes much easier-and more important-as you improve.

Finally, you'll learn winning tactics for 8-Ball and 9-Ball. The book's three-dimensional diagrams showing ball position, cue placement, and shot execution will help you grasp the intricacies of the two games. You'll make smarter strategic decisions, be more confident, and perform your best consistently in competition.

In addition, Pool Player's Edge features advanced mental focusing techniques for developing toughness under pressure. And the troubleshooting section is a great reference for even the best players.


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