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Elite tournament of 3D Live Pool Game

The tournament events start four times a day in the 'Tournament' room. The first ten minutes are the check-in time, anyone who isn't checked in will miss the event. The server will specified your match automatically for each round, you can go to the next round if you win the match.

1. Please don't leave the 'Tournament' room once the event starts, otherwise you'll be eliminated.

2. There is a ten-minutes limit for one player in each game, you'll lose the game if time out.

3.The official bonus is calculated by the players number in the tournament.
Official Rates Bonus = 10 + playernumber/3
Official Coins Bonus = playernumber/10
The Official Coins Bonus has a minimum 50 and a maximum 600 limitation.

4.The Semi-Risk Bonus and Risk Bonus are calculated by the players number who have tickets in the tournament.
Semi-Risk Bonus Coins = 4.5*playernumber
Risk Bonus Coins = 9*playernumber
So, in free elite tournaments, you get only official bonus, but get both official and risk bonus in risk tournaments.

League of 3D Live Pool Game

LEAGUE MEMBERS:  All leagues consist of a maximum 6 members.

ELIGABILITY:  All leagues are restricted to premium (paid) members only.

APPLICATIONS:  to apply to enter a league post your game Username and Nickname in the Application of your choice in Golden Cue Leagues section of Arcade Tribe Fellowship forum.

SEASON:   Commences 5th of the month and concludes midnight 27th of the month for all leagues.

VENUES:   Leauge matches may be played in any room and on any table.  You can play rated, no rated or rated/coins.  Wherever you choose to play it won't affect your league match points or prizes. 

SCORING:  All pool and snooker matches consist of 4 games per match, all games in the match should be played.  A player earns 1 league point for each won game.  No points are deducted for losses:  4 wins = 4 league points, 3 wins = 3 league points, and so on.  This way if a player wins 1 game in a match he gets himself a league point.

3D Live Pool (size: 4.68MB)  

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